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“From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked” (Luke 12:48). 

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Amid the rigid rules and hierarchy of Seioka life, Lyla Frazier-Ogbueze dared to care about the fate of the every-day Man, to want to help the vulgusa, the 'unaware'. Someone or- some thing is viciously assaulting young women, and still, The Fold refused to sanction the case. It is not Seioka business they said; there are centuries-old governances, rules, and long-held practices she did not yet understand they said. They forbade her to get involved in such a case.


Risking her life, Lyla defies them. She defies them all. Even her husband, a celebrated warrior caught between his allegiance to the only way of life he has ever known and the only woman he has ever loved. The cat and mouse game she would play with the Yellow King, a self-proclaimed prophet, a dangerous and seductive man, would test her resolve and rip her new marriage apart.


But Lyla would discover the Yellow King is not the master but a puppet in a centuries-old dark plan, one far more insidious than she could have imagined. For her new opponent battles not for fame or fortune but for the flesh of the innocent. To end the horrific attacks, Lyla steps into a battle with an enemy she never knew existed, and whose extraction from this world would require extraordinary courage and extreme sacrifice.