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335 Pages

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Amazon price @  $12.95 (Customer Rating = 4.8 out of 5.0) 


With over 300 stunning photographs of wedding flowers, this book contains bouquets to inspire every bride. A bride's bouquet sets the mood for all wedding flowers, so choosing the perfect style is essential. Should they be stylish, formal or simply natural? Formed into a perfect round nosegay or romantic cascade? Which shape suits your dress? Will you choose red roses for love, or freesias for trust? "Wedding Bouquets" answers all these questions and more, to ensure the bouquet you finally choose is the perfect expression of how you feel on this important and magical day. 

Wedding Bouquets (Save $5.95)

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  • This book came as part of a training  packaged I purchased for my daughter who had an interest in Event Planning at the time. 


    It's a BEAUTIFUL book as any book about wedding bouquets would be. It lifts my spirits just to peruse through it.


    Some bookstores are selling it for as much as $34.00 but that's ridiculous for this book no matter how beautiful it is.


    If you're deciding on a wedding bouquet, this one won't disappoint.