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Over 100 speeches, essays, and letters chart Wolfensohn's thinking on development and his emergence as an advocate and voice for the world's poor. This book will be an invaluable resource for anyone interested in international relations, international development, the World Bank, and James Wolfensohn himself.


During his ten years and visits to more than 120 countries, Wolfensohn tirelessly drew the world's attention to the need to provide hope and a better future for the world's poor. He transformed the World Bank, made it more open and transparent, and integrated the views of the poor into development planning. He also changed the face and the character of an institution that was previously seen by many as heartless and arrogant. By describing the challenge of development in terms of people, and not only numbers, Wolfensohn put the spotlight back on the World Bank's real purpose—fighting global poverty and helping the world's poor forge a better life.

Voice for the World's Poor (Save $22.95)

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  • This book was recommended to me by a co-worker, an inpat from Spain, whom I had lunch with from time to time. I didn't alway agree with his perspectives on things but I liked talking to him. When they were transferring him back to Spain, he left me a list of books to read that covered some of the topics we had last been discussing: e.g., poverty, HIV/AIDS, climate change, human rights, and technology's role in globalization.


    I consider him much smarter than I am and wanted to keep learning. This book is the only one of the three he recommended that I actually read. I'm still committed to one day purchase the other two but haven't done so yet.


    positioned his argements in so clean smarter than me and wanted to hear his perspectives on different tings.


    The book was written during some of the most difficult times in my lifetime which makes it that much more relevant to me. The sections on the rise of the antiglobalization movement leading to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and the way people gathered to help the victims of the tsunami in 2004 were the most interesting parts to me.


    It's a good read - thick - so you get a lot for your dollar.


    It's like new because even as I was reading it I knew I would keep it for a long time and was extra careful. 


    It's another one that I added to the "to be sold" pile, then pulled it off, only to add it back in. We hoarders struggle, you see. :)


    It's a terrific buy at $7.00 (hardcover).