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236 Pages

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In The Performance Appraisal Question and Answer Book, expert Dick Grote answers over 100 of the most common -- and most difficult -- questions about this vitally important but often misunderstood and misused tool, the performance appraisal.

The Performance Appraisal Question (Save $9.83)

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  • This is a terrific book! I'm tempted to push up the price but I won't. For $7.00 it's an absolute steal!


    I left the Operations side of the organization and moved to Human Resources in 1993.  My educational background was not HR Management but in Business Management so there was a LOT to learn.


    My first managerial position was as Performance Management Manager in an oil and gas company that had just merged with another. I don't know that I could have been successful without the tidbits found in this book. It has my highlights and notes in it but it's still in good condition.


    In summary, it answers questions like:  How should I react when an employee starts crying during the appraisal discussion . . . or gets mad at me? * Which is more important -- the results the person achieved or the way she went about doing the job? * Is there such a thing as a perfect performance appraisal form?


    Many of the answers include a Hot Tip or Red Flag: a note to the reader making a particularly insightful suggestion. The Hot Tips were invaluable to me. This book helps supervisors and HR professionals ease the pain of performance appraisal and use the process effectively.