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224 Pages

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Sections on nutrition (featuring the USDA food pyramid with complex-carbohydrates base), calorie counting and exercise offer commonsense tips that are sure to motivate those making lifestyle changes. Major ad/promo; author tour. Fat-cutting substitutions are basic though never extreme (skim milk, margarine, vegetable cooking spray), and maximum mileage is gotten from spices and in-season fruits and vegetables. Regional and ethnic flavors abound in the opening menu-planning section, which contains suggestions for "Dinner in the Bayou" and "Rustic Italian Lunch." The chapter on breads is particularly strong, filled with recipes for such comforting selections as Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes and Cinnamon-Raisin Batter.

The Jenny Craig Cookbook (Save $9.41)

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  • It's a beautiful book though, the cover is eye-catching and the recipes are laid out in a clean and easy to read format. 


    BECAUSE I don't cook, the book is in fairly prestine condition.


    It's a BARGAIN at $7.00.