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What’s left when the truth destroys?


Lyla Frazier, trying desperately to put the past and the shame behind her, seeks an answer to that question in Standing in the Gap.


Ollie loves Lyla. He loves her in spite of the dark secret, in spite of her mental illness, in spite of the fact she would never love him the way he deserves. He realized no matter how much she wanted to, Lyla couldn’t get a dead man out of her heart.


They believed the horror of the previous year was over, that the cost to end it had been paid with the lives of those they loved. But they were wrong. Soon they would each find out the evil taking place in Arcola was but one step in completing a new and even more sickening campaign to bring forth the Shakshi Mati.


Could Lyla stop Noire, the flamboyant, sadistic Seioka at the helm of the new campaign?


Would she find a way to let the past go finally, to move on, in love? Or would the darkness envelope her mind again, this time forever?


Standing In The Gap is a love story, a story of survival, bravery, and self-discovery.


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