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The hardcover isn't being offered by the outlets I've checked (only paperback) so I'm unable to compare prices.


How do we as individuals and organizations survive and thrive amid tremendous change? Why are efforts to improve falling so short in real results despite the millions of dollars in time, capital, and human effort being spent on them? How do we unleash the creativity, talent, and energy within ourselves and others in the midst of pressure? Is it realistic to believe that balance among personal, family, and professional life is possible?

Principled Centered Leadership

  • Stephen Covey became a giant in the personal development world in the late '90's. I was fortunate enough to be one of the employees in an onsite training session he facilitated in 1999. I found him to be energizing, high energy and passion for his subject.


    I've said for years that there are only so many ways to do some of this stuff and, as a result, the classics are just being regurgitated, repacked, and sold again - it's nice to see even after all of these years, Mr. Covey's work is still relied upon in big business.


    Another one of this titles that you might know is "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People". - another classic.