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Amazon price $36.65  (Customer Rating - 4.0 out of 5.0)


Mr. Lemmon explains plants and flowers with ease and candor in this book. He embraces "new methods" as well as the "old" ways of dealing with problems. 

Gulf Coast Gardening (Save$29.65)

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  • Gulf Coast Gardening was given to me by a friend who thought I should do more in my yard... wait, bwahahaha, bwahahaha, bwahahah..  sorry, had to get that out first.


    I did read the sections of the book for which I had an interest and, in doing so, learned a good deal about how 'not' to  kill the 2 potted flowers I do have. From that aspect, Mr. Lemmon's book was useful. 


    But I should add  for full disclosure: The plants sit near the patio door now - one of them is quite healthy, appears to be surviving the winter without nurture. The other is dead! End of story.