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NOTE:  This is a 2nd Edition and the CD ROM is not included.



513 Pages

(Some covers may vary due to varying editions)


will help you sort out your workplace problems, quickly and legally. 
The Essential Guide to Workplace Investigations provides a 10-step plan (standard procedure) to help you investigate, manage and resolve all kinds of workplace complaints, including: 
workplace violence 
employee theft 

The guide explains how to conduct an investigation that will stand up in court, helps you decide whether to investigate, do interviews, gather evidence, write an investigation report and make disciplinary decisions. 



Guide to Workplace Investigations (Save $10.95)

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  • NOTE: The CD-Rom is not in the book.


    This is a great reference book for anyone preparing to do a workplace investigation, developing training material on the subject, or needing a quick reference guide on the protocols, rules and regulations related to conducting investigations at the workplace.


    I worked with the internal legal team at the company to develop a 2-hour training for entry level HR associates. The 'real world' examples were invaluable to me in developing those materials.


    It's a little worn and I've earmarked a number of pages but it is still in good condition.