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In Deep South, Anna travels cross-country to Mississippi, only to encounter terrible secrets in the heart of the south.  Park Ranger Anna Pigeon stumbles upon a gruesome murder with frightening racial overtones.

The handwritten sign on the tree said it all: Repent. For Anna, this should have been reason enough to turn back for her beloved Mesa Verde. Instead she heads for the Natchez Trace Parkway and the promotion that awaits her. Almost immediately, she finds herself in the midst of controversy: As the new district ranger, she faces resentment so extreme her ability to do her job may be compromised, and her life may very well be in danger. But all thoughts of personal safety are set aside with the discovery of a young girl's body in a country cemetery, a sheet around her head, a noose around her neck.

Deep South

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  • This one went before it was out there 24 hours. Guess someone was watching for it or something like it. :)  


    Very happy someone else will get a chance to enjoy it.