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The story of Baker’s demise—still today an unsolved riddle—is revealed here at last. So is the truth behind his tormented childhood, the pain of which haunted his entire life. Gavin explores the birth of the melancholy trumpet playing, the fragile tenor voice, and the otherworldly personal aura that catapulted Baker to fame. Sexy, angelic, needy, and forbidding all at once, Baker became known as the James Dean of jazz.


Like Dean, he struck a note of menace in the staid fifties: behind his ultracool, handsome façade lay something ominous, unspoken. The mystery drove both sexes crazy. But his only real romance, apart from music, was with drugs. And in mesmerizing detail, Gavin narrates the harrowing spiral of dependency down which Baker tumbled, dragging with him those who dared get close.

This book takes you from his golden promise to his eventual destruction. It's a sad tale.

Deep In a Dream (Save $11.83)

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  • I have for some time been intrigued by the phenomenon of how the most talented of our artists are all too often addicted to one substance or another.


    I've read all too many books and have seen all too many movies with that same tale. 


    This book provided good details of how someone can offer so much beauty through their talent but live such horrid lives behind the scenes and be so insecure in themselves.


    It's sad with a cliffhanger (no one knows for sure how he died - weird clues though) but it kept me interested.


    I like jazz and Chet Baker's music, add to that the promise of insights and detail in the book caused me to want to buy it.


    They made a movie about him recently - Ethan Hawke played Chet... Baby Blues or Blues Baby or something like that. It was really good. And I think enhanced by the fact that I read the book first.