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222 Pages

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A Taboo Attraction

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  • This is an obscure book. I purchased it about 5 years ago when I was experiencing difficulties in an interracial relationship and wanted a better understanding and cause related to the ebb and flow. I was drawn to the novel because of the title, of course, but also because the writer includes actual interviews with white males and African American women. She also provided results of the analysis/statistics she and her co-heart gathered in support of her theories.


    It's a quick read and has some interesting tidbits. It's not a 'blow you away' kind of reading journey, but again, it has some really good bits. You won't find it in too many bookstores... I was suprised Amazon had it though only from 3rd party sellers.


    If you are interested in the subject, the tidbits are worth the $7.00.