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The Making Of Our Jewelry

At WBOnline, we selected our jewelry designer because they use brass in all of their jewelry pieces and designs.

Here's why it matters:

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. It is similar to bronze, another alloy containing copper but is mixed with tin as opposed to zinc. Brass is used for its bright gold-like appearance.

It is often referred to as CR or corrosion resistant. The high malleability and workability of the alloy, and its good resistance to corrosion, have made it a common metal of choice for the construction of musical instruments as well as jewelry.

Collectively known as brass instruments, these include the trombone, tuba, trumpet, cornet, baritone horn, euphonium, tenor horn, French horn, and many other "horns" including the saxhorn.

Because the designer uses brass as the base metal, the jewelry pieces have a heavier weight and an expensive look and feel. You'll like the quality of the jewelry.

It won't corrode with everyday wear.

Brass is a strong metal which makes the pieces durable.

It's beautiful but affordable.

In addition to gold plating or white gold, our designer also applies a clear lacquer as the top coat to each jewelry piece to avoid the need to polish so often.

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