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Almost all of our jewelry pieces are made with brass as the base metal. Brass is becoming a common choice for jewelry and we're ahead of the others. Brass is our preferred base because it gives our pieces a heavier weight and a more expensive look and feel. And it won't corrode with regular use. You get these benefits without the big price tag! Gold or white gold are typically applied on top of the brass.

We prefer brass as a base metal because it:

  • Won't corrode with regular use.

  • Is ideal for casting, which is creating jewelry from molds. 

  • Is a very strong material, which means that jewelry, including costume pieces, made with brass are durable.

  • Is far more affordable, since it does not contain precious metals.

  • It won't corrode with regular use.


Note: We also apply a clear lacquer to each jewelry piece to avoid the need to polish so often.