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Feb 10

Sounds of Fury!



I have pets. I love my pets. I love my pets a lot! Too much some have said.


The 4th of July and New Year's Eve are difficult for them and me because firecrackers are legal in the suburbs where I live. My babies don't do well on those two occasions. Until now....


I discovered THIS... soundproof weather stripping.

It's meant for doors but I used it around my windows to reduce the sounds of the firecrackers. It doesn't block out the sound completely but it reduces it significantly such that my cats don't scatter - and I put a little jazz music on as well to act as 'white noise'. This past New Year's eve was actually pleasant.

Again, it's meant for doors, so if you have noisy neighbors, people who use buzz saws at 6:30 am on Sunday, who hang pictures at 10:30 at night, this will help! :)



New Posts
  • When it comes to outdoor decor (excludes furniture, etc.), all you need is rust resistant spray paint and a store/site that sells cheap oddball/one-off things in metal, plastic or wood. The primary colors for my outdoor space are sunshine yellow and blue. I buy outdoor spray paint in those two colors and also in white sometimes to contrast, and then find inexpensive metal fixtures that can be hung, mounted on a fence, or staked in the garden. The sky is the limit!
  • Because it works at night, it works in rain, it works in freezing weather. I bought it to monitor my daughter after her surgery. It's intended to be a baby monitor with camera and sound . But I learned several years ago that it works for long periods of time in the outdoor elements without trouble. After my daughter became well, I used it at the patio door so I could see and hear my kitten when she came back home (she had been AWOL all day). And then I forgot it was out there for several days. When I saw the camera or the feed had not been harmed by the two days of rain, I left it out there so I could watch my kitten come and go regularly. It stayed out there for over 2 years until the camera finally fizzled out one winter. There are other Levana baby monitor models, newer models, but this is the only one I 'know' is hefty enough to survive outside for years. If needed, it can be a fairly cheap security camera.