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Sep 21, 2018

Before I could afford to redo my kitchen, I discovered Marble Contact Paper, and the miracles it could perform with a little patience. Good quality contact paper is essential -- I've tried good and b
Feb 9

I'm a perfectionist so this may be too much for some but if I go to the trouble of revamping my kitchen or adding something new, I like everything to be coordinated, even the soap dispenser. I'm not
Feb 11

This is an easy and very economical change you can make to your kitchen that, though it may seem small, can really lift things up. The KNOBS on your gas range/stove (I'm sure can be done for electric
Jan 24

Many already know about this trick but I want to include it for that one person who doesn't. Ever burn popcorn or cook something aromatic just as guests are about to arrive or when you don't have air
Feb 10

There is one thing in the kitchen that can steal away from your WHOLE kitchen revamp - THE RANGE HOOD! Over time it can get dull looking, and if it's white like mine was, it gets a hideous yellowish