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Feb 10

Indoor - Better Than a Door Mat


Edited: Feb 10

They bunch up, they move around, they trip people, the ones that work can be unsightly, and it goes on and on -- I speak of THE DOOR MAT!

My den leads out into my backyard. I like that because it creates ' something of ' a view - I can see my outdoor candles and light strings at night and the sunrise and birds in the morning.

But the den is one of the few areas in my home that is carpeted. A carpeted den is a preference of mine but it also creates the opportunity to track dirt all over my light-colored carpet (still pretty).

I tried placing several different kinds of mats there (various pile heights, surface materials, shapes and more) but could never found one that would stay put, look decent, AND have a low enough pile height that my backdoor wouldn't catch it when opening and closing.


SO... I began my online hunt for the solution -- it's one of the things I do best and I like to share good finds :). And I found THIS... The Carpet Saver. The material is made to cling to carpet without bunching up, it stays in place, and it's very thin so it does not impeded the opening and closing of the door. You can cut it to whatever length and width you want with a good pair of scissors. It works for me.

The only draw back I found is that it only comes in a few colors. My carpet is a light cream so the beige works well. They offer little bits for you to sample before buying but honestly it's so economically priced, I didn't bother and just bought several feet - twice... I put another little swatch at the side entrance as well.




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