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Feb 10

Jaw Dropping TMJ



So here's my story... Last year I started having pain in my right jaw, then it moved to my left jaw at which point it became more pronounced, more painful. My dentist said I was clenching my teeth in my sleep, and that sometimes medication can cause someone to begin grinding their teeth or clenching their jaw.


The timing was right - it wasn't long after I started a particular medication that I started having the pain in my jaw.


My dentist's remedy was to create a mouth guard, basically a clear plastic impression of my upper teeth that I would insert over my teeth at night while I slept so that when I clenched my jaw, my teeth wouldn't grind together. And, as a result, my jaw would stop hurting.


It worked.... but the dentist's mouth guard, including taking the impression of my teeth and sending the mold to a lab to be created cost me $495.00 (my dental insurance didn't cover). $495! Now, the guard is 'clear' in color... it's actually hard to see when it's out and when it's in. But because it's hard to see, I lost it... $495!... hear me now! I lost it!

When I called the dentist for a replacement, she told me it would cost me another $249. RIDICULOUS!

I went online that same day to see if there were alternatives to the mouth guard, and that's when I found THIS COMPANY: TEETH ARMOR

I made the purchase on Amazon, the company sent a packet with the impression clay, the trays to take the impression, and the mailing envelope to send everything back to them. I followed their instructions and in about 1 week, I received "2" mouth guards... they're just a little softer than the hard plastic one from the dentist and I like that BUT the best part??? Both mouth guards cost me less than $100.00 - and because Teeth Armor will keep my teeth impression on file for 5 years (more for a little more money), if I lose either of them, it will cost me $35.00 to replace.

SO... If you're getting (or thinking about getting) your mouth guard from your dentist, just know you shouldn't have to pay more than $100.00. See TEETH ARMOR. I love the company and their high quality product.


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