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Virtual Assistant Services Currently Offered:

  • Writing : Business, resume, and ghost writing. Includes formatting papers and manuscripts, as well as business plans and reports.
  • Competitive Research : Research clients’ competitors and report findings.
  • Editing/Proofreading : Editing and proofreading client documents.
  • File Conversion : Convert files from one format to the other. Example: Word to PDF format.


  • Word Processing : Many of the chapters in this book deal with this including Transcription, Medical Transcription, Targeting Writers, etc.
  • Transcription : Transcribing standard and micro-cassette tapes. Medical, legal and general transcription.
  • General bookkeeping : Process and mail invoices and statements. Bill paying, checkbook balancing, collection calls, bookkeeping, etc.
  • Meeting Planning: Organizing all or various aspects of a meeting. This might include arranging meeting space, A/V requirements, speakers, food and beverage, sleeping rooms, contract negotiations, and transportation.
  • Presentations : Preparing slide presentations in a program such as Microsoft PowerPoint. Knowledge of the application, as well as presentation techniques.
  • Information Processing : Combination of word processing, data processing, database management, spreadsheets, and resume preparation.
  • Internet Research : Research and report findings on specific topics.
  • Photocopying : Black and white or color copies, including transparencies.
  • Association Management: Meeting minute transcription, meeting reminder cards or calls, database management, meeting agendas, meeting and convention planning, newsletters, mailing services, and bookkeeping
  • Contact Management: Maintain client database of contacts using a variety of applications
  • Public Relations : Writing and submitting press releases. Promote the general “image” of the company.
  • Reminder Service : Remind clients of important dates and events.
  • Executive Personal Assistance : Combination of duties with a high level of decision-making, coordination, purchase authority, on behalf of the company executive(s).
  • Scheduling :Arrange and manage schedule for meetings, deadlines, appointments, and possibly personal activities.

Internet Administration : Administration of chat rooms, message boards, and online groups.

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